Climate change and biodiversity in Australia


This tool was developed by a team at JCU's eResearch Centre and uses species occurrence data from the Atlas of Living Australia and climate data from ClimaScope and the Australian Water Availability Project.

The principal researcher and project advisor was Dr Jeremy VanDerWal.

The project that produced this tool was supported by the Department of the Environment through the Natural Resource Management Planning for Climate Change Fund and through engagement with Rangelands, Territory NRM, Southern Gulf Catchments, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, and NQ Dry Tropics.

This project has built on earlier work supported by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program and the Education Investment Fund (EIF) Super Science Initiative, as well as through the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF).

The source code for this web tool is available under the Apache licence.